Your Website And Gaining Traffic

So you started a website, and now you’re anxiously waiting for traffic.

Whether you have a retail website or a blog, the most important part of your site will be” Relevant Content. ”

For a blog you would need to post at least 250 posts before you start picking up monthly average views, and if your starting a retail website fresh from scratch it’s also important to blog within that site as well.

Your blog posts need to be interesting enough to grab attention, not just blabber with very little relevance.

I say this because so many people believe that having a website will just automatically start working and generate some sort of income and or viewers.

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That’s not the case unless you have either captured a video which has gone viral, exclusive content and or a product which is rare, unique and or priced well.

Social media is a key factor in promoting your website as well, every time someone shares either a post and or product on your site it creates additional ” Permalinks ” through out the search engines which could direct web browsers to your site as well.

It’s important to share your product and or posts via social media and have those whom are connected to you do the same, especially if you have a retail site and have sold nothing within the past 1-6 months.

The more your post or product is shared the more exposure it could get.

If you just started a website, expect at least one year before it starts to take off, unless you are adding daily relevant content to your site.

Don’t just start a website and let it sit while you wait for either customers or viewers to show up, you should always update your site with ideas, new products, tip & tricks or any other relevant content on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis.

Just try this:

Try adding 100 blog posts to your site and let me know if you have noticed any change, and if so… That should excite you enough to blog even more, remember the more you blog the more viewers you should get.


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