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WI: Five Vote Counting Machines With Tampered Seals

According to the Palmer Report –

One observer who reports that five of the nine voting machines in her county had tampered seals – and she posted visual evidence to prove it.

Other reports such as Politicususa have reported that –

Donald Trump tried to get the recounts stopped in Wisconsin and Michigan, and he has failed in both states.

In Wisconsin, “U.S. District Judge James Peterson on Friday rejected their request for a temporary restraining order to immediately halt the recount, saying there was no harm in allowing it to continue while the court considers their lawsuit. A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Dec. 9.”

Earlier in Michigan, the Secretary of State announced that the State Board of Canvassers rejected Trump’s objection to the recount.


Surely something is not right here, I honestly think that Florida should be recounted as well.

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