When You Have A Chance Of Being The Daddy

Question: Judge Said I Was The Father At 98.3 Percent probability.

What’s crazy, is that there is still another 1.7 percent (unaccounted) out there which accounts for about 400 thousand where I live and any one of those could be the father as well, yet I’m still ordered to pay child support.

This ain’t cool man, what you think.


My Response:

Lol, funny. So let me get this straight.
A female went to court admitting that she couldn’t afford to take care of a child, so the judge chose an alternative which was YOU!

Along with her having her cake and eating it to.

And now you think she may have slept around?

Why don’t you go back to the judge and ask why is he/she allowing someone whom can’t afford to take care of a child still allowed raise the child, seems reckless to me.

but that’s just my opinion.

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