Volume Could Be The Answer

Opinion –

The keyword is ” Volume ” a lot of times when an entrepreneur looks for a way to make money through various avenues they often get discourage by the word “Invest”.

A many of times the thought of investing gets confused by ones selfishness.

Hers an example –

When the word invest comes up the often thought of spending money becomes a concern, not only as it is the investment money being used, but the discouraging conflict is when one begins to assume how much the other will make off the investment.

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Keep in mind YOU are investing in YOURSELF!

Greed is often the destroyer of new entrepreneurs.

A lot of times when selling products one try’s to raise the profit margin to high where it takes longer to sell the product.

A many of people want it NOW! and that’s where a many will fail not only themselves but their investment.

Examples –

Say you invested $500 and bought 7 used but clean laptops and now you are trying to sell them for $200 each which would total out at the end at $1400 ending with a profit of $900.

Or you sell the laptops for $150 each which would total out to $1050 with an ending profit of $550.

The smart way is moving product by volume, one can generally move more products at a lower price thus earning more customers and customer referrals as opposed to one holding out to maximizing full product profits.

Whereas it may take one year to sell 7 laptops at a higher price as opposed to one selling 7 laptops a month at a lower price.

Moving volume is much easier than moving single products, in time your distributor will recognize you have become a strong asset to him/she and may begin to reward you with incentives/discounts on future purchases.

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