Trump Foundation Served With Cease And Desist

Trump Foundation Served With Cease And Desist

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The New York Attorney General’s Office has just served The Trump Foundation with Cease and Desist papers.

Though it appears to be unrelated to the smears..

Against Hillary Clinton by many Republicans revolving an alleged email scandal which cost millions to pursue for and ending result of being unfounded, is it fair to say ” Republicans reap what they sow ?” and it may not be over..

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Trump faces more scrutiny over the lawsuits he is currently facing, including allegations that his organization spent money in Cuban during an embargo and the list goes on.

Many people are asking ” Who Is Donald Trump Really? “.

Sources are reporting Trump’s foundation is to cease and desist from accepting donations, and there could be penalties and refunds following.

It has been reported that Trump bought portraits and other items for himself with some of the donors money.

Stay tuned this is getting good –

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