Do You Think I’m Paying For The Booty?

Ok Marcus –

I didn’t know how to properly label the title so I formed it in the manner of your question…

Opinion –

So here’s the bottom line, if you take a date out to dinner and it costs you roughly about $40.00 afterwards then you hit it.. raises a flag, but a good flag, Nothing wrong with it.

If your spending $40.00 or more on a hotel room same thing…

But if your doing it like 10 times a month it could cost you up to 400.00 and if your doing both $800.00 after a while it could show signs of paying for the booty.

My advice to you is get YOUR own apartment and cook your own meals.

So you won’t feel like your paying for the booty, then you can enjoy your breakfasts, lunch and dinners without your conscious buggin you.

Final Thought –

When you love someone, things you do with that BAE should be priceless.

Money is no good unless you spend it.

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