Thank You Jeff Flake! For Country Over Party

Opinion –

Just like I and so many other of my friends have left the Republican party, Jeff Flake has given me some hope for one day,. I along with many others may return, I was at an embarrassment point in my life even discussing politics with others after seeing what the Republican party has turned into, the question is,. Will others follow his lead? in putting ” Country Over Party?

It’s Extremely rare during the Trump presidency to ever hear the words ” Country Over Party ” in fact, it was the first legitimate proof I have seen thus far within Jeff Flake.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Republicans should donate to Democrats and so fourth, but I am saying EVERY politician should at all times put ” COUNTRY OVER PARTY “.

Jeff Flake’s public statement may show signs,. That the Republican Party can still be revived in values and maybe one day, take allegations of sexual abuse, child molestations and lies more serious rather than like the many Republicans whom stand behind, endorse and or support them.

Final thought:

For Jeff Flake, I say thank you, You give me and so many others like me hope that one day the Republican Party will go back to it’s core values and principles.

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