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Temecula: The Killing Of Mathew Tucker Sparks Outrage

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Temecula, CA

The Officers involved in a fatal shooting which left an 18-year old dead have been identified as Investigator Michael Hamilton and Deputy Rosa Calderon.

The incident has sparked yet another Federal lawsuit against a Riverside Sheriffs Deputy Michael Hamilton his 3rd according to our research since 2012, whether there are more or not is unknown to us at the moment.

According to a source, it appears that either during and or after each lawsuit Hamilton was rewarded with a promotion ranging from Deputy to Investigator and now a Sgt. in Menifee.

Though each of the prior two Federal lawsuits are unrelated to the latest incident which involved a fatal shooting, the alleged complaints filed against Hamilton appeared disturbing as one had a racial derogatory claim in it.

In another claim on the same complaint it also accused Hamilton of planting evidence.

The 3rd Federal lawsuit is set for trial sometime in May.

According to a Press Release by the Mother –

Matthew Tucker and his family were residents of Temecula.

Those who knew Matthew adored the teen.

He is known for having a smile that ‘lit up a room.’ Matthew, a natural comedian, loved to ‘make everyone laugh.’ He was selfless and would give his last dollar if someone needed it more.

He spent his summers riding horses at his grandparent’s ranch in Wyoming.

His passion for animals led him to find work in a local feed store.

He had a promising future.

Mathew Tucker

At just 18-years old, Matthew Tucker was transitioning to the family’s six-figure revenue-generating business.

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, at approximately 5:21 pm, Matthew Tucker was emotionally distraught over a failed romantic relationship, angst stricken, and momentarily contemplating suicide, he dialed 911.

Behind accidental injury, suicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 15 and 34.

The percentage of those having serious thoughts of suicide is highest among adults aged 18-25.

Matthew was distraught, depressed, momentarily suicidal and in need of crisis intervention.

His family trusted officials from the local sheriff’s office would be able to de-escalate the situation.

Officers from the Riverside County Sheriff’s office responded to a 911 request for a suicide crisis intervention for the emotionally distraught teenager, Matthew Tucker.

They arrived at the Tucker family home at approximately 5:41 pm.

Immediately upon arriving on the scene, deputy officers were reminded the teen is suicidal and wants to die.

They were cautioned by several pleas from Matthew’s mother. ‘He is suicidal. He wants to die. Do not shoot him.’

In what would soon be a tragic turn of events, police entered the home, directing Matthew’s mother to search for him through the house while they accompanied her.
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