Striking It Rich In A Police Encounter May Be Better Than Lotto?

Today it was announced that $5.5Mil to be awarded to a family in Cleveland also including but unrelated a $6.4Mil settlement in the Freddie Gray incident, the graphic influx in police encounters seem to be on the rise with many taking chances hoping for police misconduct.

Many believe the odds at striking it rich is far better with a Police encounter than buying a lotto ticket, Police seem to turn more families into millionaires than the lottery.

As in the recent settlement of 5.9 Mil in the Eric Garner case where he was killed by police, that settlement was extremely low considering the City probably saved a half billion in legal fees and or damages had the possibility of riots and or a trial been a factor.

The Eric Garner case and settlement makes it clear that Victims, Families, the Family of the Victim(s) including a vast majority of the nation will no longer tolerate Police abuse, Killings, Rape Murder and more..

As in the Ferguson & Baltimore Protests, after the Riots, Cities may now be more cautious and act much faster in settling than before, as in the Garden Police Settlement where police gunned down and killed a un-armed Latino which cost that City 4.9 Mil, and I could go on and on and on.

My Opinion:

Cities should hold Police Unions liable and settlements should be subtracted from those unions, Police are getting paid far to much for continued mistakes.

So what does that mean for our great nation?

As families continue to seek justice for their loved ones, settlements will occur, foundations will be created and money will continue to pour in, Police brutality will slow down and a new era will grow eventually.

Many times activists are blamed for the protests, riots and or destruction, but we all need to understand it all starts with Police accountabilty.

Police have created more activists than any other organization in our nation due to poor administered Police Unions.

Until the responsibility and blame can be accepted on all sides nothing will ever change, Police will continue to create millionaires along with it’s City, and activists will continue rise and seek justice.

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