Should Using A Police Uniform To Promote Ones self Be Against The Law?

My opinion:

First off I would like to say, I believe it is a great dishonor and dis-service to all Law Enforcement and Citizens for any Public Official to wear a uniform for personal gain, whether it is on twitter and or social media when promoting their own social interests, especially when that uniform is paid for by the tax payers whom may not share the same opinion(s).

Should the tax payers and or residents receive benefits from any profits and or proceeds?

After all if the uniform is being worn and or is used in conjunction with profiting, citizens should have a say and the County should receive revenue as well.

Sheriff Clarke has many followers on twitter promoting a podcast in which he is a regular.

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Also I believe the website which has a donation page is out dated according to the front page it’s for a November 2014 re-election or am I wrong?

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