Shaun King Supports Bernie Sanders But Deray Mckesson?

Shaun King has written many article supporting presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but according to our research we have been unable to find articles relating to former board member of ” Justice Together ” and Baltimore Mayoral candidate Deray Mckesson on his campaign and or bid (Last we checked on Google, results may vary).

(Author of this post:) ” Uh, Hold on I’m Confused

And the reason could be a within a battle which began months ago when Mckesson confronted King over Twitter about mismanaged funds for Justice Together, where Mckesson once was a board-member.

According to sources this all came to the attention of Mckesson after King was caught deleting thousands of tweets.

In An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together On ( Medium ) a website it stated ” the State Directors of Justice Together began working under the authority of Shaun King “.

Mckesson, whom seems to be struggling a bit surly could use some articles pertaining to many of his accomplishments before and or during his Mayoral Bid and yet it seems mums the word.

Whether the two are still friends is unknown to us..

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