Sean Hannity A History Of Defending Men Accused Of Sexual Abuse Continues

According to those I spoke to… Some are calling it a Fetish, others call it a pattern and many say it’s rather bizarre –

After a Roy Moore interview by Sean Hannity Two companies said they will no longer place ads on the FoxNews “Hannity” show.

A twitter storm erupted Saturday and Sunday to start boycotting major companies one of them being #BoycottKeurig In which Keurig has already pulled their ads and received many praises from those concerned over Hannity’s conduct.

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Hannity has received backlash before when defending men accused of sexual misconduct, calling one to be freed.

Julian Assange would be one of three people who have been accused of sexual misconduct with a second being a former FOX Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and a third being Donald Trump though the incidents are un-related,. It raises questions as to whether or not there is a pattern in Hannity’s selections of those he seems to defend.

Many people are still questioning Hannity’s journalism as to why Bill Cosby appeared to be treated different?
Very different from the four men accused and mentioned above?

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