Riverside: Budget Cuts Forces the hiring of up to 500 more Officers?

If it sounds confusing your right! However these are the kind of flip flop reports that have been going on in Riverside County.

One day its: RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Realignment underestimate means less funding then another day it’s: RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Sheriff ramps up efforts to hire hundreds of deputies what ever the case is, some one is either on a good one, or is just plain confused.

I prefer to say ‘ WELL NARRATED STORIES’!

I mean really? First complaints of budget Cuts which in turns forces layoffs!.. ……. …….Hundreds of layoffs! Then it gets better… …. …. after and or during the layoffs somehow the budget cuts end up forcing a 237 million dollar new jail expansion, but wait still not done! then there is the cost of up to 50 million to run the facility and it could be more, but wait again were still not done then there is the 172 million if not more on the new radio system which has been delayed and is still not completed and could cost more…

My Opinion:

So will tax Payers be forced to Flip the bill if it all goes foul in the coming years?

Why do I say that?

Well look at this..

Should we as County Residents continue to support lavish lifestyles?

ex-Supe Bob Buster had cashed out annual leave (sick time and vacation) totaling $241K.

But wait where not done yet!

If you act now, you’ll get not one but….

Dave Stahovich 201k

Kevin Jeffries $$$$$

Then there are the growing amount of lawsuits… one where Hemet paid out 1.6 million

Then the 490k Settlement on harassment just settled

and the list goes on…

My Final word of thought:

Out with the ??? and in with the good, many are taking early retirements, some suspended, fired, dismissed what ever you want to call it.

What’s your thought?

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