A Republican President May Not Happen Again For A Very Long Time

The key number is 46.9% that is the reported amount of those whom did not vote.

Whether many of them were protest votes, some Sanders supporters and or they just didn’t like the options between the two candidates are unknown.

What is becoming seemingly clear is that not only many in the GOP to include many Republican’s are appearing to embrace those whom are somehow connected to racism and or white nationalism.

Factor that in amongst Hillary Clinton’s supporters in which Clinton won the popular vote along with a percentage of the 46.9% that didn’t vote; into the next Presidential election, it could be a devastating blow to Republicans.

Sources are already reporting that unless conditions improve within the Republican Party they are at the ready to canvass ahead of time to encourage voters to vote blue all down ballot straight up to the Presidency.

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Is it a Bluff?

Can the GOP really take that chance?

Time will only tell…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to factor in the many school walk-outs by a many of students protesting against President elect Donald Trump’s rhetoric to figure out that these students were not old enough to vote in the last election of 2016, but I can assure you that many will be eligible for the next upcoming election of 2020.

To be clear I have spoken to a many of citizens whom did not vote, and now have regretted it, partially because the polls showed Clinton winning by a large margin.

Their regrets in not voting are sincere.


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