Phil Hornback Is Running For U.S. Congress Florida 15th district

Meet Phil Hornback the Democratic Candidate for United States Congress – Florida’s 15th District

Teacher & Coach | Small Businessman | Community Leader

Phil has been a construction worker, He knows what it is like to work from pay check to pay check and work hard for his money. He has experienced sitting to do his bills, with his family sleeping feet away from him while he tried to figure who is going to get paid, and when would he be able to pay the rest.

He worked his way up to owning his first small business as a bricklayer doing small masonry repairs and carpentry. he went back to work for his father for a short time before his father retired and purchased his fathers business from him. While running his masonry business he worked hard to make sure his employees were able to keep working and paying them a livable wage, so they could take care of their families.

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