Opinion: The Republican Party Is Now Donald Trump Party

Opinion –

The Party has been divided.

One Question I have not heard anyone ask?

From a mans point of view, Who’s Wife was Donald Trump Trying to Boink?

A Friends?
A Neighbor?

And did Donald Trump suggest Furniture as a form of payment for sex?

That is what is circulating among the many minds whom are involved and a tangled web of frustrations, disbelief and disappointments.
The Republican Party Vs. The Trump Party

Opinion –

Past and current Republicans who continue to remain in silence should be the ones held accountable for the rise of the new Trump Party.

For many years to come, many of those whom supported Donald Trump will be remembered and spoken of either during their bid for election and or re-elections and it could have devastating results, Especially when trying to defend their actions in supporting Trump.

To those in the Republican party whom are repudiating Donald Trump may have a better chance at surviving and holding on to their positions in public office as opposed to those whom stood behind and went all the way in supporting the Trump Party.

For those whom remained silent will have no ground to stand on, and here’s why..

America is not DUMB! America is smart enough to tell when a many of silent Republicans is standing by the sidelines watching the polls awaiting to see if Trump can win or not before making their decision on whether or not to support Trump.

By then it will be to late.

The American people will read through the lines and those whom stayed silent in order to save face, will be disrespected in almost everyway for not putting Country first before party.

The sad part in all this,..

Many Republicans whom once held a position in office seem to have nothing to loose, and create most of the havoc by deflecting questions concerning Trump.

Does this video not speak in volumes?

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