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Opinion: Matt Gaetz Is Not Fit To Be A Congressman

Matt Gaetz along with Jim Jordan is pushing to end the Trump Russia investigation why?

Floridians have a chance to send a strong message not only to Matt Gaetz but to other members of congress that hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated on either side.

Can you Tell what’s wrong with these pictures?

To bash our law enforcement, military service men and women and so on,… Must come to and end.

Florida deserves better, Florida is better and Florida should replace Gaetz with an honorable serviceman, and his name is…

Phil Ehr

Phil Ehr is a retired U.S. Navy officer who rose from Deck Seaman to Commander in 26 years of active duty service. He flew classified reconnaissance in the Cold War and combat support in Desert Storm.

After retiring from active duty, Phil taught British military officers and inner-city children. Recently, Phil fought financial corruption in an international sports federation linked to the Kremlin and the oil trade between the Syrian regime and ISIS.

Phil is a 33-year Escambia County voter now fighting for Northwest Florida.

Phil and Sue, his wife of 22 years, are proud of their loving daughters, Jen and Claire.


Republished with permission of (MFJ)

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