Opinion: FBI Director James Comey And Jason Chaffetz Should Be Investigated

Opinion –

Was this all about helping the Republican Down Ballots?

Many people are saying it’s a retaliation move, 3 weeks ago today (On a Friday) a tape of Donald Trump was released with him bragging about sexual assault.

Today on this Friday, FBI Director James Comey put out what many are saying was an intended, reckless and half hazardly statement which may have been intended to sway an election.

Jason Chaffetz now an avid supporter of Donald J Trump whom has made it clear that he will vote for the Republican nominee, appears to have been one of the first informed in what many are saying is a politically motivated attempt at suppressing votes.

This tweet could prove damning..

The keyword in Chaffetz statement is ” Case reopened ” which should raise another question as to what case was re-opened? since there did not appear to be any mention of a case being re-opened nor were those words used in Comey’s letter, so did a phone call occur between Chaffetz and Comey afterwards?

The pure FACT that the tweet above was followed by a previous tweet raises concerns.

Jason E. Chaffetz is the U.S. representative for Utah’s 3rd congressional district, first elected in 2008. He is a member of the Republican Party. He is also the chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The questions that are being raised as to whether or not FBI Director James Comey And Chaffetz had any prior communications and or discussions regarding Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and if any collusion had been involved.

Certainly those questions MUST be asked in front of a committee.

It should also be noted that James Comey was a life long Republican on which his Wikipedia now lists him as (Former) which raises another eyebrow.

Comey’s statement appeared reckless and may have been intended to suppress the votes an issue in which Trump’s campaign has been promoting to do.

Surly other questions should arise as to whether Comey had any communications with ANYONE with in and or associated with Donald J Trump.

Additional concerns –

Was FBI Director James Comey under any pressure by anyone to release some sort of letter/statement that should appear negative?

Why were Republicans so quick to release now former Republican Comey’s letter?

It should also be noted that Chaffetz, according to many people has been mostly blamed for his vote regarding Benghazi –
He was also criticized for having a GMAIL account while serving as a government official.

Stay tuned as we dig in this all the way…
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