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NO Donald Trump! The Majority Of Virginian’s Didn’t Embrace YOU…

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Keep this in mind folks, this is the same guy ( Donald Trump) whom made a recording for the now lost candidate (Gillespie) which was used for robo calls… in which according to sources was used in over 200,000 calls.

All of a sudden Trump appears to push the blame on Gillespie?, Hummmm.

In what many are calling yet another premature tweet by Donald J Trump –

In the tweet

Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for

Trump clearly left out those whom voted against Gillespie ” Bigly ” at last count by more than 192,000 votes! and the turn out appears to be a strong signal for what Virginians are willing to stand for.

Oops New Jersey has a new Democrat Governor too… What happened there?

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