NC: Brutal Beating And Arrest Of Dejuan Yourse

According to Huffington Post –
A police officer in Greensboro, North Carolina, was stripped of law enforcement credentials this week by the city council, which released body camera footage showing him violently arresting a man sitting on his porch.

City council voted unanimously Monday to permanently sanction Officer Travis Cole for using excessive force during the June arrest. The body camera footage shows Cole roughly throwing Dejuan Yourse to the floor of the porch and punching him as Yourse waited for his mom to come home and let him into the house, according to local news WREG.


Opinion –

The sad and unrecognized issue is,… Often times an officer with Cole’s tendencies will most likely be re-hired at another Police Dept. working in a community in or near you.

This is the result of an officer looking for action, not reason.

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