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Meet The Working Man Randy Bryce Running Against Paul Ryan

How convenient for the people of Wisconsin –

The Washington Times Reported that –

Speaker Paul Ryan plans to retire next year.

Just as the tax bill that Paul Ryan pushed so hard for?

According to sources –

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Other sources have said, Ryan may even leave sooner than the mid-terms depending how he’s polling.

Final opinions:

The people of Wisconsin deserve better and or can do better, from a straight forward person like Randy Bryce that doesn’t beat around the bushes, In my opinion that’s all I saw in Paul Ryan, a person whom ran his mouth well, but saw little if any accomplishments done.

I almost saw this coming soon after the now former sheriff David Clarke retired, It’s becoming a pattern in those whom are either Republicans and or support Republicans.

A many of them are good at running whether being confronted by an allegation (SEE VIDEO) or fleeing their posts after the tax bill and many won’t run for re-election according to our research.

Folks remember when former David Clarke was facing lawsuits whether it was for an inmate’s death or an alleged cover up? amongst other things it didn’t take long for him to retire and or jump ship afterwards.

It’s like taking a dump in a toilet without flushing! waiting for someone else to clean up after them.

Meet The Working Man Randy Bryce Running Against Paul Ryan

More of why is Bryce Running?

Watching Paul Ryan turn his back on our community and our country lit a fire in me. We can’t sit on the sidelines and shake our heads—we have to get in the game and do everything in our power to fight for what we believe.

Across Southeastern Wisconsin, in places like Kenosha and Janesville; Racine and Elkhorn, factories are closing down and our jobs are being shipped away.

We are working harder than ever before but have less and less to show for it.


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