Meet Renato Mariotti Who Is Running for Attorney General In Illinois

In what maybe another critical election, one has to ask who will they vote for? A man whom is not afraid to go public and make a stand for not only in what they believe in but more importantly one that will fight for you!.
Someone whom sits on the sidelines and goes along with the flow? we all saw what that looks like when those whom surrounded Trump with lavish praises before and after signing the Tax Bill.

If you have been following his public statements, then I’m sure you will agree Mariotti is not one to sit an anyone’s sidelines, He is prepared to fight for your rights and for the state of Illinois and beyond if need be.

He’s young, sharp and filled with energy that powers his knowledge that will overwhelmingly make him fit as an Attorney General.

According to Renato Mariotti.com
Following the election of Donald Trump, Renato began speaking out against the President’s discriminatory and unconstitutional policies. Renato’s clear and thoughtful explanations of complicated legal matters quickly earned him a large Twitter following, already over 100,000 followers. Renato has become a national voice on the Russia investigation and the obstruction concerns caused by Trump’s administration, appearing as a frequent legal contributor and analyst on CNN, MSNBC, and several other media outlets. He also advises members of the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on their investigation and, in October 2017, Renato was called to Washington to provide his expertise and guidance on executive clemency and other matters. Since Trump’s election, Renato has authored more than twenty-five articles that have critiqued, analyzed, or attacked the President’s actions that have appeared in Newsweek, Politico, and other publications.


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