Meet Mike Levin The Man Running Against Darrell Issa In California


California can do better, California deserves better! This is why I would like for you to meet Mike Levin.

You won’t find Levin on some rooftop attempting to hide from constituents, you can meet him in person.. His doors are open to you, or other various communication channels.

If one can’t take time to speak with their constituents, then what’s the purpose of being there?
Devin Nunes appears to have the same problem.

I’m not the only one whom feels Levin is the right choice for Californians as his list of endorsements continue to grow.

Levin’s tweets are foretelling, of just the type of person you get and the man he is, but more importantly how he will serve Californians.

For the last two decades, Mike been involved in a variety of local, state and federal political campaigns and community organizations. Now, he wants to be your champion in Washington.

Mike was raised in South Orange County, where he attended public elementary and junior high schools. Mike spent his high school years in Los Angeles at Loyola High and then went to Stanford University, where he was honored to serve as student body president. After college, Mike served in the Coro Fellows Program and then attended Duke University School of Law. After law school, he served as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County, and has worked as an attorney focused on environmental and energy regulatory compliance and government affairs.

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Above Pic Credit: Mike Levin Twitter

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