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Meet Cathy Myers The Woman Running Against Paul Ryan

Meet Cathy Myers A Janesville School Board member running against Paul Ryan.

She’s seen more in education than Paul Ryan will probably see in his lifetime.

Meyers will be one of three Democratic candidates running against Paul Ryan’s 1st Congressional District in 2018 according to our research thus far.

The other two:

Randy Bryce

David Yankovich

From Meyers website She says:

I’m the daughter of an army veteran and an Army Reserve nurse who owned that truck stop, and later added a diner. They worked tirelessly to give our family of six a middle-class life. It was a team effort. They, with the help of their employees, built something pretty great, and they taught us kids the value of hard work, public service, and taking responsibility for community and country.

My brothers, sister, and I have always lived those values in our own lives. Each of us started at the truck stop, picking up trash, waiting tables, washing dishes, painting, you name it. Mom and Dad always insisted that we start from the ground floor and work our way up. My siblings and I have worked hard to support our family to ensure everyone has a roof over their head and food on the table.

I understand what folks here are going through because I have had a few careers myself. I’ve been a radio station news producer, a child care provider, a stay at home mom, and, for the last 23 years, a teacher.


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