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Why Many Rappers Don’t Make It

Written by Staff

The hardest part of managing, is pushing an artist to record a commercial song.

I have cancelled a many of contracts in doing so.

What’s a commercial song?

(A Song That Radio Stations Will Air)

Many rappers often confuse themselves with being and or merging into an R&B artist, keep in mind those are two separate forms of art.

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As a rapper, If your music ain’t playin in the club scenes then you are most likely investing your art and talent in the street scene.

Ask yourself, how often have you danced to a slow or mid tempo song in a club?

If the answer is once or even twice, then that’s how much publicity your song will most likely get as opposed to those songs keeping the crowd moving.

( I have heard the same hit type commercial song played more than once in a club on a single night have you? and why?)

It’s easy to find slow and or mid tempo beats with lyrics, hell I could find thousands of artists with those.

So what makes yours different?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying “don’t do slow or mid tempo songs” those are great to ad into an album and sometimes that song becomes a hit.

However as a new artist your first priority should be creating an art which DJ’s will play across the world.

To be clear ” DJ’s Are Your Greatest Assets ” and should be a vital form within your network.

If you limit your self to street type music then your popularity will most likely be within you’re own city and your income will dwell off of that.

The entertainment arena is “entertainment” It is a multi billion dollar industry, Don’t limit yourself! expand your talent.


I have been around the entertainment scene since 97, I have produced, been an A&R director for major labels and have managed a plenty of artists.

Yes, I still have connections and friends in the game.

But I’m not here for that…

I’ve made mines, I’m just trying to help you get yours.


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