Is Donna Brazile Promoting Her Book?

I can still remember Brazile denying giving Clinton camp advance notice on CNN town hall questions.

One should ask,. Were those allegations fully vetted by proper authorities?

I’m hoping to find out as she releases her book –

Of course this would have to be promoted before the 2018 Elections, Hummm.

According to Donna Brazile –

Hillary Clinton Robbed Bernie Sanders Of The Democratic Nomination

Brazile also writes on Politico ” Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC ” One should ask as to why all of a sudden now?

One should also ask, If Mueller and his team even questioned Brazile?

Why do I ask this?

I’m just getting started folks stay tuned as I dig for more information and update this story.

And then there’s this, and why is the name of the entrance in the background appear to be blurred?

Ok here is a response I found-

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