Hemet: Zoom Zoom Driving School Closes Leaving Customers Outraged

According to sources Zoom Zoom driving school has closed their doors in Hemet, and at many other locations leaving many customers whom have paid SOL including my family.

As my son was waiting for Zoom Zoom to pick him up today at our home in Temecula, an hour had passed, he continued calling the Hemet line and it stayed busy, Zoom Zoom never showed up or called.

Todays appointment was pre-paid in advance of $310.00 five days ago and to top it off my son is scheduled to take his drivers test this Friday.

The Carlsbad line is disconnected, and the Hemet line stays busy constantly last we checked.

It was a ‘sneaky close’ many say including myself, especially when they continued to accept payments without notifying.

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According to YELP , complaints are piling up and many whom have pre paid want their refunds back including me.

For those wondering how to get a refund, ‘Zoom Zoom’ has a surety bond please contact DMV to inquire.

Good Luck! Stay tuned as I update.

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