My Girl Ain’t Worked In 15 Years! What Can I Do?

Ok, Jamal –

You asked? ” My Girl Ain’t Worked In 15 Years ” What Can I Do? ”


You left out a lot of detail, so my answer may seem cold man…

First off I have to ask you, are there any children involved?

If so that maybe your answer! as to why.

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Being that she bore a child by you every five years less or more, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But keep in mind,. The baby booming business is alive and well, I know plenty out there that get pregnant on a regular basis which in my opinion exempts them from working a permanent job, the good side is that the children are well taken cared of, the down side is.. yo azz needs to get another job and keep it moving.

Alternative –

Try leaving, see what that costs you.

Hope my answer helped some.

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