Getting A Lot Of Fake Emails From Fake Contacts?

Great Question: Joanne

This is becoming a serious problem, many people are complaining of getting emails from their own contacts, but are really from people they don’t know, usually when they open up the email there is a link asking you to click on it.

Don’t! There are many software’s with such nick names like ‘SCRAPERS’ which will scrape the internet looking for anything associated with emails.

Is there a remedy?

My personal opinion is NO! for every problem you fix, another idiot with re-invent a new one.

So here’s what I do.

Since I am getting so many emails from so many fake and cloned contact names, I figure if they can Email me! truly they deserve a response FROM ME! once you enter into my private space I have every right to respond, most times my emails go un-answered but im persistent and determined i will continue to email until i get a response FOR THAT ‘”SPECIAL” THAT’S BEING OFFERED! LOL…

So me being an addicted online shopper i click on the link that was sent to me in the email, I go to that websites contact page and I Send them up to a thousand questions a week.. I haven’t bought anything yet, and neither have all my real friends whom have joined the “shopping for response networks”.

You see every Email has an Email Header see picture below ” where it says VIEW FULL HEADER” : I open that up to find the IP address where the originating email came from, then I send it to all my friends to try to get some responses for that “special Offer”, it was overwhelming… I guess some of their servers ( the ones using fake emails to contact us ) got overloaded and shut down…As we stopped receiving so many fake emails….


Yeah I Know many of you will say why not use the SPAM button, and I do sometimes.. but I also have to protect my space and when some trespasses on more than one occasion I feel like I have to post signs on their space…as a friendly reminder not to trespass..

So the moral of the story is…… if they write you, and or shop you for business…. you make sure you refer as many as you can to the originating IP address and demand for a RESPONSE!.. by letting them know your interested….and that you will be referring a lot of potential business to them…

After all nothing illegal when they are offering specials… and you want more info LOL..

Servers don’t run well when over loaded with traffic I Hear. “But we want the Special Being Offered” and persistence helps..

My friends and I use an “Auto Responder” linked to a mail server, which can auto respond (Send Emails) questions, up to millions at once. Usually servers act up when there is about 500 or more visitors on a site, then of course they try to block an IP address but that doesn’t work either anymore now days. We are always looking for those specials even hoping one day to get a response or a good deal. LOL! Getting a response is like waiting for a raffle ticket to hit. so we keep pushing for that special deal.

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