Fox Lake: Officer’s Death Raises Some Questions

The recent death of Officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz has left me in a wondering state of mind, with so much information twisting and turning.

After listening to the dispatch ‘recorded audio ‘ I thought I heard ‘one white male ‘ and ‘ one black male ‘, however on the media… I heard two white males and one black male, without anyone disputing the confusion.

Also one minute I hear the Officers gun was found on or at the scene, and the next I hear it was taken.

My theories are,…

Is it possible for a person to shoot themselves and discard their weapon?

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What if this were a perfectly planned suicide?

Is it possible?

What if an Officer called in on their radio to dispatch to make appear a chase was in progress?

With all the searching conducted by groups of experts, is there not one shred of evidence? Video?

Would the area in which this occurred seem to be a perfect place?

With so many years of experience in Law Enforcement, is it possible to know how and or plan a perfect crime scene?

And finally did the Officer know the terrain well?

And now this:

  • UPDATE 11/3 : Fox Lake cop death to be ruled suicide: sources


I had actually wrote this article on 9/2/2015 but waited to publish it today.

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