Former Papa Johns CEO Joins Kaepernick On The Sidelines

When Founder And now former CEO of Papa Johns Pizza ( John Schnatter ) joined forces in criticizing along with Donald Trump over the NFL players right to protest it sparked outrage, so much in fact,. Schnatter now joins the sidelines along with Colin Kaepernick.

After Schnatter’s comments on the NFL many came not only to Kaepernick’s defense, but all of the NFL players to include those whom surround them.

It is estimated the Papa Johns Pizza lost close to 4% in revenue Internationally, which in corporate terms is a lot and will not be tolerated.

Time will only tell if Trump will also join the sideline in the near future, especially for what Trump called the mothers of those NFL players.

After the alleged massive tax cuts bill was passed and signed by Republicans and Donald Trump, according to sources corporations are lining up in preparations of donating.

And as always we will be there to keep track them.

Sources are telling me that ” The Blue Wave is Ready To Counter Upcoming Corporate Donors ” plans are in the makings to counter those corporate donors and will be met with furious boycotting of those corporations that do “, if this is so! The upcoming elections could be one of the most costly elections in history.

Written By: The Democratic Times

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