Felons, Criminals, Witnesses, Etc. Make up to 275.00 per Day Must be ‘ Qualified ‘ ?

Must Be ‘ Qualified ‘ WTF does that mean?

Effective Jan 1, 2013 the witness fee required to be tendered with service of a subpoena to a qualifying witness under GC§68097.2 will increase from the current $150.00 to $275.00 per day.

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What a Joke! ” Qualified Witnesses ” now making more that an Officer and or ?

I’m trying to figure out what Qualified means?

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Does it mean Cooperate?

Follow Instructions?

What are the Qualifications?

Is ther a training course to become ‘Qualified’?

I can just see Unemployment rates drop with everyone working for: State,County,City and or Feds in becomming Qualified Witnesses, lets just promote ‘ Now hiring ‘ ?

Attorneys are gonna eat this up..

This could cause many motives for Qualified Witnesses when testifiying in anycase…

Witnesses should testify on morals and principle not for Rewards…

What a Glorious Justice System we have..

thats my thought whats yours..

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