Deray McKesson Steps Down As Board Member…

In a recent tweet on twitter which has sparked outrage, many are questioning as to how McKesson a board member seemed not to know according to his tweet about a cause “Justice Together” in which he was a board member.

According to a Tweet on Twitter Deray McKesson has stepped down from the board at Justice Together this coming at a time where a controversial debate and complaints have been forming about it’s progress.

The hash tag #ShaunKingLetMeDown has been trending on social media where many have been asking where the money donated has gone.

Shaun King attempted to clarify on his Facebook page leaving many in awe, which many say shows no exact break down on how monies are being spent in order to build a 50 state coalition including 300 campuses.

In a post on Storify by Uppity Sagittarius, who seems to have been tracking many of the crowd funding and various charities involving Shaun King has now caught the attention of many and has sparked some outrage.

Stay tuned as we update this story.

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