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Conservatives Quiet After AM Joy Shut Down On Uranium One Scandal

Opinion –

It was a devastating shut down.

Reporting at its best!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid displayed everything a reporter/journalist should do when confronted with allegations without facts, It was a masterpiece.

This is what every TRUE journalist/Reporter should do when confronted with any type allegation(s), Hold the person making the claim accountable, preferably in front of others.

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Many will one day look back on this and ask why did so many media outlets turn on each other for a President whom often times distorts the truth not only to America and it’s people but more so to the media! all the MEDIA, and yet there is a small handful of media outlets that accept this presidents words not matter how distorted it is.

I remember a time when “ALL” media would ban together and hold those whom they are reporting accountable ” Not Any More “.

From News to Entertainment, I sometimes wonder if I would be better off buying a comic book.

I’ve always said,. Real journalists report not what their told to say, or by way of loosing a good paying job,..

But should report honorably.

The world is watching, as history is being made.

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