Can Your Webcam Be On Without You Knowing?

In my opinion –

The answer is YES!

if there is someone behind it with the right capabilities (knowledge).

A many people have often wondered as to whether or not their webcam could actually be on with the webcam light off…

The light is suppose to act as an indicator not as a sole security measure.

So is there a software that could disable a cam light?

Anything is possible in my opinion, though I have not searched for it neither do I care to do so.

What I recommend is that when not using your webcam is to cover it with a small sticky post it tab, though it may not prevent it from capturing audio.

There have been reports of webcam hacks via internet sources.

Below is a link to a video which shows a webcam hacking form.


You cam also view a video of an alleged IP Cam Hacking as well.

Bottom line anything is possible over a network system.

There are a many of programs that exist since everything revolves around computerized source codes.

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