Can Mandatory Desk Duty Make A Difference?

I read a Washington Post article whereas 55 officers whom were involved in shootings this year, it wasn’t their first time.

My opinion on this matter, is in hopes of a responsible government official or officials in figuring out a way to possibly create a bill, which will give a mandatory desk duty job for 3 to 5 years for any officer type involved shooting.

That time should start after a full and thorough “most important” completed investigation is completed.

I also believe that Police officers be required to carry a special liability insurance.

Just as a doctor carries malpractice insurance.

My Opinion:

This may seem funny, but think about it… It’s almost like having car insurance, the more accidents you have, the higher the premium. Should an Officer have many accidents then the Dept. may not want to pay the higher premium, thus possibly forcing the Officer to cover the added cost.

This would be a great idea as an added oversight.. If an Officer looses their insurance they should not be allowed to patrol the streets, until their insurance is re-instated and or they find an insurer that will insure them. Victims would be able to burry their loved ones at the cost of the insurance company.

I truly believe a mandatory bill and a special liability insurance would reduce many of the fatal shootings occurring across America in which many have resulted in a person being unarmed.

Is that to much to ask for?

What’s your thought?

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