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Calif: Andrew Janz Slams His Opponent Devin Nunes As A No Show In District 22

California –

Andrew Janz is the prosecutor running for Devin Nunes position in California’s District 22, after watching the interview I must agree with Janz on Nunes being absent.

I live in California and have never heard of Nunes until his midnight run to the white house in a form of eloping with his pack, and or until his continued attacks on various law enforcement agencies.

In the interview Janz made a very important statement as when the last time Nunes ever held a town hall in his district with his constituents, as in a many of years ago.

In an earlier reporting we discovered via sources that Devin Nunes Could Be A Key Witness In Russia Probe and that maybe a factor into Nunes refusing to answer questions as to his communications he has had with the white house, past and current.

Also –

Janz is well known for being tough on crime here is just one of his latest cases-

Though a recent poll has Janz trailing by 5 points our latestpolling as of 1/24 says it’s a dead heat.

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