Bulletin Temecula

Bulletin: 50 Dollar Bills Have Some Store Owners Concerned

Old Town – Temecula

I am a regular at a restaurant and have been going there at least twice a week for quite some time, it was the first time I saw a sign at the check out ” No Bills Over $20 Accepted ” though I have always paid with a credit card,  I decided to ask why?

The response:

There have been a many of counterfeit 50’s pouring in, not just with that particular restaurant but other small businesses as well, I was also told that many are concerned.

It’s hurting small businesses…

Many  bills that were accepted, weren’t noticed at the time,  it hurts small business when bills are rejected by the bank due to “Counterfeit” from the deposited funds, but more so when counterfeit bill(s) are accepted within a small purchase and change rendered to the spender, factor that in and the business owner doubles if not triples in loses.

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