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12 California Republicans Who Voted For The Tax Bill

According to The Los Angeles Times:

Representative Party District GOP tax vote
RepresentativeKen Calvert PartyRepublican District42 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativePaul Cook PartyRepublican District8 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeJeffrey Denham PartyRepublican District10 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDuncan Hunter PartyRepublican District50 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDarrell Issa PartyRepublican District49 GOP tax voteNo
RepresentativeSteve Knight PartyRepublican District25 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDoug LaMalfa PartyRepublican District1 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeKevin McCarthy PartyRepublican District23 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeTom McClintock PartyRepublican District4 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDevin Nunes PartyRepublican District22 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDana Rohrabacher PartyRepublican District48 GOP tax voteNo
RepresentativeEdward Royce PartyRepublican District39 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeDavid Valadao PartyRepublican District21 GOP tax voteYes
RepresentativeMimi Walters PartyRepublican District45 GOP tax voteYes

Though Republicans say Californians will see a major difference in their paychecks come this February 2018, and April well just have to wait and see.

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